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Our pricing is based off of the clients expectation and the level of finish they would like to have done.

We like to always touch base with our clients, and figure out if we are the right company for them. If we feel like we’re a good fit, we will then come out the the project and discuss details and start working towards a start date. Before project begins, our clients will have a detailed description of the work being done, materials being used, and timeline of when it will be complete .

Our 2 lead painters here at Elite Finish Painting have been in the trades for over 10 years individually. We have studied our craft extensively and have worked with some of the best craftsman in the country. We are Always looking for ways to elevate our finishes and improve our finished products. We take pride in using nothing but the best materials and products for our clients .

We have worked with a wide variety of clients. Our clients range from home owners, designers, real estate agents, and contractors.

We just recently completed an exterior project for a colonial house from the 1800s. It took us a few weeks, but we restored this house to its original beauty . Although a challenging task, it brought the best out of us. And the clients were very happy with the outcome which is the most important factor to us.

I would advise them to hire someone who will Listen, have a vast knowledge in their field of expertise, and will understand the clients vision and expectation of the finished job.

Clients should always be transparent and ask any questions they have. It’s important for the client to feel comfortable and confident with who they choose to work in their home.

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