Kitchen cabinet refinishing

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

We’ve learned that residents around the Masschussets and New Hampshire area love to keep up with current trends. One of those trends is their kitchen cabinet style.

Of all the home trends that change throughout the years, kitchen cabinet styles are near the top of the list for importance. Right now, white and gray kitchen cabinets are in.

Since the dark wood cabinet style was popular a decade ago, most of our kitchen cabinet painting projects consist of updating dark wood cabinets into white kitchen cabinets.

How it works ?

1. Schedule Your Estimate

The first step is to schedule an estimate with us so we can learn all about your project. We’ll provide you a quote to get started.

2. Your Cabinets Get Painted

We’ll get to work on your new kitchen cabinets. We prioritize efficiency during this process since we’re in your kitchen.

3. Enjoy Your Updated Look

We love seeing your overwhelming excitement when you first walk into your “new” kitchen. You’ll feel that every time you see your cabinets.

Save Money On A Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels are a fantastic way to feel excited about hanging out in your kitchen. They can quickly get expensive.

Kitchen cabinet painting is a more affordable option to getting the look you want without having to call your accountant.

If the feeling you get when you walk into your kitchen isn’t what you want, consider updating your cabinets.

It’s the first thing that anyone sees when walking into your kitchen.

Enjoy Your Like-New Kitchen

The kitchen has transitioned from a very isolated room to one of the most social rooms in the home.

It seems like families are constantly connecting with each other in the kitchen. Doesn’t it make sense for the most popular room in your home to be one that you’re most proud of?

Kitchen cabinet painting is one of the best ways to change the feel of your kitchen and create a like-new experience.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Investment Averages*

All kitchen cabinet painting includes both sides of cabinet doors, drawers, crown moulding and baseboards if applicable, installation of new hardware if it fits the existing holes, and the outside of cabinet boxes.

Cabinet Painting For A Small Kitchen

Includes 8-16 openings


Cabinet Painting For A Medium Kitchen

Includes 20-30 openings


Cabinet Painting For A Large Kitchen

Includes 35-45 openings


*Prices are averages and may change depending on the size and condition of the rooms, the amount and detail of the woodwork, and the number of coats needed. You’ll receive an exact quote after an in-house consultation.

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